7 tips for a healthy financial partnership

Our research shows that we are not open enough about finances with our partner. How do you strengthen your financial partnership? Here are our top tips…

  1. Talk openly about your finances. Many people don’t discuss money with their partner, or feel under pressure to spend money they don’t have.
  2. Make a joint budget so that you both know what income and expenses you have each month, and be open about outstanding loans and debts.
  3. Discuss what’s important to you when it comes to money and what your priorities will be. You may have different views on saving and spending, for example.
  4. Have your own buffer account for unforeseen expenses or gifts.
  5. Have a joint account for joint bills. This might include grocery shopping and energy payments but is also perfect for long-term plans such as travel or weddings.
  6. Agree on a clear distribution of responsibilities when it comes to contributing money to your joint expenses, paying bills and managing your finances.
  7. Invest in things together that have lasting value and match your priorities.