Tips for giving your personal finances a spring-cleaning

Spring is coming, and it might be that it’s not just your home that needs a little spring cleaning. We give you 6 tips on how to give your personal finances a spring clean.

You may have begun to dream about summer and wondering how you can save money for that, or maybe you just want some extra money left in the account when the month is over? Maybe you have payment problems and do not know where to start to clean up?

Regardless of the issue, these tips can be useful to check out:

  • Get an overview. Most online banks allow you to get a kind of dashboard for what you spend money on. This is a great opportunity to check if you prioritize your money right and what you might be using an unnecessary amount of money on.
  • Make following a budget fun! This may be the tip that is the most boring, but it works in the long run. Then it will become easier to get an overview of what you actually use in the course of a month and where you can possibly save some money.
  • Make down payments on your debt. It can be expensive in the long run if you do not pay off your debts, but if you’re in a pinch you can contact those you owe money and see if you can reach an agreement. Should you still get a warning of collection, it is important that you take it seriously. Pay down the entire sum if you can, or contact us so we can try to find a solution together.
  • Watch your mobile use. The mobile phone can easily become a money-drain. In addition to the subscription you pay for app downloads, data use, roaming and other extras. Hidden expenses like subscriptions and e-commerce are other examples. Obtain an overview of your phone costs, and observe the bills. Be sure to compare prices.
  • Take advantage of auto-pay and e-invoice if possible, always pay your bills by the due date to avoid late charges and debt collection. Should you still get a bill from a collection agency, it is important that you contact the collection agency or creditor as soon as possible to resolve your case.
  • Sell ​​what you do not need and buy used. Do a spring-cleaning in drawers and closets. Everyone has something they do not need anymore, and there is the money to be made selling it online. Likewise, you might find what you want used. Check the used market first. There is plenty of money to save to buy the bike, sofa or outdoor furniture used.

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