Customer care through the credit lifecycle

Customer focus, consistent processes and digital tools are the ingredients that ensure an optimal experience for customers under Intrum’s ethical collections strategy.

The customer service journey that Intrum delivers for our clients is carefully calibrated to ensure effectiveness is blended with market-leading customer care.

These are the steps we take to achieve this:

  1. Awareness – our brand and reputation are important to us and we are careful to ensure that we and our clients operate in an ethical manner.
  2. Notification – we can automate collection notices and instructions, providing customers with links to different payment options, removing the difficulty of paying.
  3. Communication – we make sure information access is consistent and simple, using technology and skilled customer service representatives to offer customers multiple contact options.
  4. Resolution – we treat all customers fairly and with respect, ensuring transparency on payment plans, a full view of the person’s debts and fair processes at all stages of the credit lifecycle.
  5. Payment – we offer multiple, effortless payment options to remove the barriers to resolution.
  6. Feedback – we seek feedback from customers, acting on their responses to resolve individual situations and improve the experience for all customers.