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Debt Collection Agency UK - B2B Company Services | Intrum UK
Debt Collection Agency UK - B2B Company Services | Intrum UK

We provide debt collection agency (DCA) services to a range of financial services organisations, which mainly comprise high street banks and credit card providers. We are at the forefront of credit management, which is underpinned by our sophisticated collections ethos, solutions and advanced technology to maximise results whilst ensuring we reach the right customer outcomes.

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Debt Collection Agency UK - B2B Company Services | Intrum UK
Debt Collection Agency UK - B2B Company Services | Intrum UK

Customer Service

Our commitment to proving the highest level of service to every single customer whilst protecting your brand and reputation.


We utilise multiple communication methods to give customers the flexibility to interact in a way that works for them, including a digital self-serve platform.


Our continuous investment in the latest technology offers the flexibility to implement new initiatives and accommodate change fast and efficiently.

Frequently asked questions

FAQs - Debt Collection Agency UK - Company Services

When would an organisation look to DCA collections as a solution?

When an organisation has exhausted their internal collections process and has been unsuccessful in recovering funds, they may look to escalate the matter to a debt collections agency (DCA). The DCA will then try and engage with customers on behalf of the client to recover the outstanding balance.

Why would our customer respond to Intrum if they haven't previously responded to us?

Intrum is focused on ethical collections, with strategies and communication content designed to encourage customers to engage, discuss their financial situation and ultimately come to an affordable repayment solution.

Unlike white label solutions, DCA services are Intrum branded and this change in management indicates that the debt has been escalated for resolution. This frequently prompts customers to contact us to avoid receiving additional letters and phone calls.

What if a customer cannot afford to pay their outstanding balance?

Our customer service representatives (CSRs) are highly skilled and trained to achieve the best results for our customers. When CSRs make contact with a customer, they will try to ascertain their financial situation, which may include an income and expenditure assessment (I&E).

This will help both parties gain clarity on what is affordable. Only a repayment plan that is sustainable will be considered. Customers will also be signposted to free debt advice with the appropriate forbearance considered.

How do you support vulnerable customers?

Intrum has a dedicated team to support vulnerable customers. This includes customers struggling with mental or physical wellbeing (or both), which is a impacting on their ability to manage their account. All disclosures of vulnerability are dealt with sensitively and with confidentiality using the TEXAS (Thank, Explain, eXplicit consent, Ask, Signpost) model. Our specialist customer service representatives receive additional training to ensure vulnerable customers are treated fairly and with empathy.






What industry sectors do you work with?

In the UK, Intrum's clients comprise banks, motor finance and buy-now-pay-later finance companies. This extends to other sectors across Europe, to include utilities, telecoms, e-commerce - to name just a few.


Do you have a digital offering to customers as part of this service?

Yes. Intrum provides consumer with a range of digital options to contact us. Customers can choose to email, text (via SMS) or use the online portal, which enables customers to, e.g., check their balance, complete an income and expenditure (I&E) assessment or set up a direct debt.

Please contact us if you would like to know out more about DCA offering.

What is the cost to use Intrum's DCA collections' service?

The cost to use our DCA collections' service is typically commission based (i.e., % of cash collected); however, we do work with different commercial models too. The commercial terms are bespoke to each client, depending on various factors, so please contact us for more information.



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