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Debt Purchase | Intrum UK
Debt Purchase | Intrum UK

We focus on financial services debt, holding a place on all major financial services panels and buying from all major selling banks. We have also increased our forward flow business.

Improve cash flow

Individual customer payment plans

Reduce losses

Frees resources

Debt Purchase | Intrum UK
Debt Purchase | Intrum UK

Frequently asked questions

FAQs - Debt Purchase - Sell a Debt

How does debt purchase work?

Intrum mainly partner with the banking and financial services sector. We can purchase large unsecured debt portfolios due to our operating and commercial model.

The cost of seeking payment from a non-paying customer is often greater than the account balance itself. Intrum can buy the debt from you at a percentage of the face value. The price is based on the overall quality of the portfolio, where we look at the number of accounts, the age of the accounts and balances, and the cash already collected.

We pay you immediately and then seek payment from the individual customer, using our expertise and economies of scale.


What type of debt portfolios does Intrum purchase?

We are happy to look at all asset classes. Intrum has extensive experience in banking and financial services, as well as unsecured utility, telco, motor finance, mail order and e-commerce debt.

Typically we purchase two types of debt portfolios:


Intrum acquires accounts at various stages of the recoveries lifecycle from prime through to post tertiary and gone away. The business has developed sophisticated segmentation and strategic alignment models to ensure appropriate customer journeys.

Paying Portfolios

  • • Internal payers
  • • Debt management accounts
  • • Pre-default
  • • In situ DCA payers

In addition, we purchase real estate-backed loans and other secured assets across Europe.

When can I sell debts?

Any time. We adapt to your strategy. Intrum purchases debt at all stages of the credit lifecycle, from performing accounts, to those in early arrears, older debts and written-off accounts. You can decide what makes the most sense for your business.

What is the impact on customers?

A sale typically benefits your customers, as Intrum can offer payment plans that are adapted to suit the individual's ability to pay. This provides the customer with the opportunity to become debt-free through a more sustainable collections process.

A number of portfolio reviews are conducted throughout the agreement. This enables Intrum and the client to share data in an open and transparent manner to the mutual benefit of both parties.

One-off sale or forward flow?

One-off (or spot) sales are where the client has a one-off portfolio they would like to sell throughout the year with no commitment to sell again, should they not to do so.

Forward Flows agreements are typically where the client wants to sell on a monthly or quarterly basis as part of a long-term deal. A number of portfolio reviews will be conducted as part of the agreement, enabling Intrum and the client to share data in an open and transparent manner to the mutual benefit of both parties.


Debt Purchase | Intrum UK

Debt sale – release capital and enhance customer care

Non-performing invoice and loan portfolios tie up capital and can make it more difficult to invest in the core business. Selling portfolios of debt allows you to focus on growth and offers your customers the chance of financial rehabilitation.


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