Customer vulnerability

It is important to identify customers in vulnerable circumstances and ensure they receive the right treatment, reflective of their situation. At Intrum, we are aware that mental and physical health problems can affect customers in different ways.

Vulnerability can take many forms, perhaps due to a customer’s financial circumstances, mental state of mind or physical health. It is vital to treat each person individually and tailor our services to their needs. A customer may have a mental or physical health problem, but still have the capacity to make relevant financial decisions.

Customer centricity is at the heart of our culture and we are determined to provide the best possible customer service, along with clear and concise information, enabling people to address their debts in confidence whilst experiencing difficulties.

Intrum utilises a wide range of external expertise and tools for vulnerability training. In the UK that includes best practice from the Money Advice Trust, Chris Fitch - 21 Steps and the Credit Services Association. Employees are encouraged to understand the customer’s circumstances and use common sense in their approach. Where there is doubt, accounts are passed to the Customer Care team.

Some of the models and systems we use include:

  • TEXAS – a model to use when seeking information and consent to store data
  • IDEA – a method of establishing the most suitable solution for a customer experiencing vulnerability
  • HARMED – for calls with customers who are distressed and/or threatening to harm themselves.
  • BRUCE – this protocol helps call centre staff assess a customer’s capacity to make decisions.
  • BLAKE – a framework for talking to customers in high risk situations

Every situation may be different and as a result of this, Intrum employees are developed to be flexible in their approach to customers and to the management of their accounts. Intrum will make reasonable adjustments to ensure all communications are tailored to meet the needs of the customer. You can be sure your customers are in safe hands.