Sustainability is at the heart of our business


Sustainability is at the heart of Intrum’s business. We promote sustainability for people, companies and society.


Intrum’s sustainability efforts are rooted in our purpose: to lead the way to a sound economy. We do this by helping individuals get out of debt, providing advice and support on financial issues, and helping companies get paid for the goods and services that they sold. Our employees are part of our bigger cause and play an important role for the financial ecosystem every day.


As the leading player in credit management, we are in touch with hundreds of thousands of people in debt on a daily basis. It is our duty to treat all ethically and with empathy and respect, setting the standard for our industry.

“We’re the largest player in our business sector and we feel it’s important to lead the development in our industry to more sustainable values and business practices.”

Vanessa Söderberg, Global Sustainability Director

Customer Journey

Credit management is a strategic part of the customer journey. Our ethical treatment means your customers are in safe hands.

Digital and In-person Solutions

Technology and data driven: a client-oriented company which is simple, scalable, digital and organically growing.

Sound Economy

Ensuring our clients get paid and their customers have healthy finances so both can participate fully in society.

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