Code of Conduct

Intrum’s Code of Conduct provides the framework that governs all employees and business practices involving Intrum and our subsidiaries.

The Code of Conduct forms a substantial part of Intrum’s corporate governance structure and is outlined in detail across all parts of the organisation, along with further guidance, procedures and information on how to manage particular situations.

The Code of Conduct affirms our long-standing commitment to comply with laws and regulations, but also to conduct our business in alignment with our core mission: to help companies prosper by caring for their customers. This mission is guided by our contribution to sustainable development, as well as our defined values of Empathy, Ethics, Dedication and Solutions.

Embedding the code in our operations

We expect all those involved in our business, from our employees to independent contractors, suppliers, field collectors, agencies, consultants, external board members and other representatives, to operate in accordance with the code. We only work with clients, business partners and suppliers who operate in compliance with laws and regulations, have good business practices and who maintain high ethical standards. All of our employees also complete a training program on our Code of Conduct.

The Code of Conduct is approved by the Board of Directors. The compliance team is responsible for monitoring, control and annual review of the policy, ensuring that material breaches or incidents are immediately escalated to the CEO and the Board.

Reporting breaches of the Code of Conduct

Our employees are duty-bound to report known or suspected misconduct under our Code of Conduct and related policies. We treat any reports confidentially and these can be made anonymously using our multilingual web and telephone hotline service.

Our Code of Conduct provides invaluable guidelines for operating in the world of credit management and financial services. It contains a vision of a company that takes the lead in creating a better economy where companies and individuals can provide and receive credit in a safe and secure way. A company that is formed by thousands of individuals. All of us. Together.
Andrés Rubio, Acting CEO and President