Outsourcing in Collections Conference 2023

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Intrum has delivered significant Credit Management Servicing (CMS) growth over the last three years since launching early arrears outsourcing services.

As we move into 2024 and beyond, Intrum has  a continued focus on growing its range of strategic partnerships across various sectors, with a particular focus on banking and finance and

Intrum is a market leader in the Credit Management market and aims to further strengthen this position through continued delivery of good customer outcomes through operational excellence, continued investment in technology and a client focus to achieving collaborative excellence.

In this mission, Intrum held the second of its conference series ‘Outsourcing in Collections Conference’ in London on 1st November. The event showcased thought leadership from Intrum surrounding the various aspects of outsourcing in collections, meanwhile providing a unique opportunity for all involved to share best practice, network with peers and to gain an insight into the experiences and learnings of others.

The agenda was carefully designed to incorporate a balanced representation of speakers to tackle the subject of outsourcing through the lens of the lender, the consumer, the regulator and the advice sector.


Agenda UK Collections Conference
Agenda UK Collections Conference

Individual testiomonials

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Joined by Suppliers and Partners:

Surviving Economic Abuse: UK charity dedicated to raising awareness of economic abuse and transforming responses to it

Investors in Customers: The Consumer Duty and Customer Experience assessment & accreditation specialists, shining a light on, and improving every part of the experience our Clients deliver

Income Max: Offering a free, confidential money advice service, finding over £38 million of new income for people struggling with their finances

StepChange: UK charity offering free debt advice to hundreds of thousands of people each year

MALG: Not-for-profit UK membership organisation working with businesses to improve the lives of people with problem debt

Parker Neal: Delivering leading edge cyber security and data governance services, delivering trusted advice and support to businesses facing uncertainty in a risky world

European Consumer Payment Report 2023

The full report was published in November 2023

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