Growing by making a difference

Intrum is an environment of possibilities and opportunities. Where you are encouraged, inspired and supported to grow - in all dimensions. Your personal and professional development drives both our purpose and our industry forward.

What we do at Intrum matters. For society. For the economy. For the future. Whatever your role, you’ll be contributing to a value-driven company with a strong, sustainable and necessary purpose. A purpose with clear and immediate benefits for us all.

Unlimited growth opportunities

As the market leader, it’s up to us to stay ahead. That’s why ours is a culture of continuous learning. Endless personal and professional development. Self-leadership that’s not only encouraged, but actively supported.

Whatever role you play at Intrum, you’ll be surrounded by stimulating opportunities to develop new strengths, explore different challenges, influence your own future and help others benefit from your experience. With the biggest ambition, the most necessary social purpose and the progressive technology to make it a reality, Intrum is your place to set – and crucially achieve – your boldest, biggest goals. However much they evolve.

A sustainable and necessary purpose

Each of us at Intrum plays a meaningful part in ‘leading the way to a sound economy’. By helping everyday people deal with debt in a practical, achievable and respectful way we help our clients get paid. That helps companies grow. And that creates a sound economy which benefits all of society.

This simple but essential mission drives everything we do, inspires every decision we make and motivates every action we take. This crystal-clear clarity about why we all do what we do unites and ignites us. And brings satisfaction and a sense of achievement to every day; there is meaning and purpose in everything we do.

A truly global mindset

Intrum is a global company and the international market leader. Our size, footprint and influence doesn’t only come with stability, security and the respect of the industry. It also opens incredible opportunities; from collaboration and hugely varied international career paths, to breakthrough innovations and setting global standards. By endlessly sharing knowledge, experience and insight, our global strength and the diversity that brings enriches all our daily operations.

A supportive, open and value-driven culture

Ethics. Dedication. Solutions. Empathy. Our values aren’t just words hanging in the reception. They guide us all on a daily basis. It’s what makes our culture inclusively open, inspiringly supportive and rich in diverse perspectives. It’s why Intrum is a natural home for people ready to make a difference. And it’s why people like you recognise this is the place to do just that.