Meet Lucy

Lucy is a Customer Support Manager at Intrum UK. Find out why Lucy joined Intrum and just how rewarding her career has been to date.

The training is well-structured and tailored to help you succeed.
Lucy Herzig
Lucy Herzig | Intrum UK
Lucy Herzig

So, Lucy, why did you join Intrum; what was the deciding factor?

Prior to joining Intrum in 2019, I worked in the leisure industry as a personal trainer. However, the health pandemic taught me that I needed job security and a career that offered the scope to progress.

When I was searching for a new role, I was looking at industries that could offer stability and room for career progression. It was one of the first things I enquired about during my screening interview with Intrum, and it was clear that they could provide what I was seeking. I now have a professional job and the opportunity to pursue my leisure activities at the weekends, so I have the best of both worlds.

Did you have any prior knowledge of financial services prior to joining Intrum?

If someone told me that I would be working as a customer support manager within the financial services industry when I was younger, I probably would have laughed. I had no prior knowledge, and it’s incredible how quickly your perception changes when you have the right information at hand to form a proper opinion.

How did you find the onboarding process?

When I joined Intrum, it was at a time when the Government required most people to work from home. Yet, despite having to learn and work remotely, the training was so good that I never felt disadvantaged or isolated; I felt supported throughout. And when I was finally able to get into the office, everyone was so welcoming and encouraging. Looking back, I wouldn’t change anything about my journey to be where I am now.

The team spirit at Intrum is second to none. The training is well-structured and tailored to help you succeed. It’s also reassuring that the same level of guidance and support continues beyond your onboarding. There’s obviously a defined management structure, but there’s essentially no hierarchy when it comes to assisting you with your role. Everyone has the same mindset to help or signpost you in the right direction, which embeds the right culture and why Intrum has the relationship it does with its customers.

What do you feel you need most to succeed?

If you have a can-do attitude, you’re willing to learn, and you can show empathy, then you have a ready-made path. The great thing I found is that you’ll be working with like-minded people who are equally self-motivated. No two days are the same, as you’re dealing with a variety of customer accounts. So, even if you’re having an indifferent day, people rally to support you to help you reach your goals. The company has a top-down bottom-up approach, meaning that you have a voice to make a difference.

What was your first role with Intrum?

I joined the company as a customer service representative, working with customers to manage their accounts and identify suitable forbearance plans. After about 12 months, I moved into a first line quality assurance role, marking calls for agents to ensure that Intrum maintained high customer standards, before eventually becoming a team manager. Even though I’m managing a team of customer service agents now, the learning curve never stops. The business is about continual personal development, which is one of the reasons I was attracted to the company in the first place.

Have you been surprised by the opportunities available to you?

There’s a saying that effort equals reward, which I subscribe to. Everything I was told during the interview process is exactly how things have panned out for me. If anything, I’m just surprised how quickly it’s happened. There are so many different career paths you can take while working for Intrum. A lot of team members are cross trained too, which really helps to prepare you for the future and the opportunity to take on a supervisory or management role, if that’s the route you want to go down. I always knew what path I wanted to take, and the company has encouraged me to reach my potential at each step of the ladder so far.

What three words would you use to describe Intrum?

Development would be the first, as the company wants its people to do well and progress. Opportunity is another, as there so many opportunities to move within the business and take on more responsibility. And Culture, which is probably the bedrock of everything. If the culture’s right, then people feel engaged, they want to support you and succeed, which drives positivity and the right customer outcomes.