Intrum UK Limited Gender Pay Gap Report 2023

At Intrum UK Limited, we are proud to promote a culture of inclusivity and collaboration. Regardless of background, our employees should feel empowered and equal across all departments and positions, and feel that they have the opportunity to succeed. In our latest employee survey, 92% of our employees felt that their background did not affect their role, and 92% of employees felt valued. I am also pleased to say that we are able to demonstrate an almost even split of males and females across the business at 45% and 55% respectively.

At the government defined ‘snapshot date’ of 05 April 2023, the Company exceeded the minimum threshold of 250 employees required to undertake gender pay gap reporting for the third year. At Intrum UK Limited, our pay periods are monthly and, as such, our calculations were based on the payroll month of April 2023.

At Intrum we are fully committed to equal pay and fair remuneration. Equal pay is different to gender pay gap. While equal pay is when men and women receive the same pay for performing the same or similar roles, gender pay gap is calculated based on an hourly rate of pay determined by several pay components and only based on the payroll month in which the snapshot date falls.
Our median gender pay gap is encouraging, standing at 5.6% - a promising reduction compared to 11.9% in 2022. Our mean gender pay gap is a moderate 26.6%, which is heavily influenced by senior and Group employees.

Our median bonus gender pay gap equates to 26.5%, while our mean bonus gender pay gap is 59.4%. Our mean bonus gender pay gap is heavily influenced once again by a majority of males at senior levels and Group employees who live in the UK.
Although it is difficult to minimise the impact that our Group employees have, we are aware that the majority of UK employees at senior levels are male, and we are committed to employing more females within the Market Management Team to reduce this gap in future years. There is more work for us to do here and I am confident that we will achieve a gap reduction.
Our third year of gender pay gap reporting and year-on-year trends has been insightful, and has certainly provided us with an opportunity to identify areas for improvement. We have incredible female talent within the business and we will continue to dedicate resource into building skills, knowledge to bolster female succession planning for senior positions.