European Consumer Payment Report 2018

The latest European Consumer Payment Report from Europe’s largest credit management firm Intrum presents a worrying picture when it comes to rising indebtedness and the ability of consumers to meet their financial obligations.

Intrum has gathered data from 24,398 consumers in 24 European countries to
gain insight into European consumers’ everyday lives; their spending and ability to manage their household finances on a monthly basis. This overall data is presented in the European Consumer Payment Report 2018. To gain further insights into consumer beahviour, this report looks at data gathered from the European Consumer Payment Report 2018 at a country level.

The answers of 24,398 respondents, between the ages of 18-65 in 24 European countries, were collected in total, including 1,013 in the UK. The survey featured questions concerning household finances and was conducted during September 2018.