Intesa Sanpaolo

The strategic partnership between Intrum and Intesa Sanpaolo has brought multiple benefits – a healthier balance sheet, improved servicing and attractive long-term returns.

The merger of Intesa Sanpaolo’s non-performing loan recovery function with Intrum’s Italian operations has created the leading servicer of its kind in Italy. The joint venture has around €40bn of loans under management and Intesa retains a large minority stake in both the platform and the portfolio.

Intrum and Intesa agreed a ten-year exclusive servicing agreement for existing and new portfolios. As part of the deal, we also took over 600 of the bank’s employees, combining them with our 400-strong workforce in Italy.

Together with co-investor CarVal, the joint venture has acquired a €12bn GBV portfolio of non-performing loans. The structure of the long-term partnership will allow Intesa to benefit from attractive returns as well as improving its own balance sheet position and servicing.

Intrum was delighted to complete this complex transaction in a short period of time. The partnership has allowed the bank to address its strategic objectives and demonstrates Intrum’s commitment to an important market.

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