Online payment portal embraced by customers

1st Credit operations director Rob Lemon will today tell industry peers how the company has implemented its digital collections system.

He will join Mitch Armstrong from technology provider Telrock at the Credit Strategy Credit Summit, which over 800 credit industry professionals are expected to attend.

1st Credit is well known for its ethical approach to debt collection. It needed to ensure its digital service provided a great customer journey, giving instant online account access, enabling customers to see exactly where they are in their payment plan and communicating if payments are missed.

The project with Telrock was designed to increase operational efficiency and adapt to changing customer behaviour and technologies, while maintaining a high-quality experience for customers.

The online portal launched last year and has already demonstrated that customers are drawn to the convenience of the service. Early results show that 42% of logins to the portal are outside office hours and over 90% of logins lead to payment plans or attempted payments.

A similar number of customers are also choosing to complete income and expenditure forms online as do on the phone.
“We see the online portal as a crucial piece in the jigsaw of our collections process,” said Lemon. “It allows customers to choose when they interact with us and to take control of their account and payment plan.”

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