B2B / Commercial Debt Collections

Intrum can offer a range of commercial debt collection solutions to meet your needs.

A successful business depends on predictable cash flow and strong customer relationships. When your customers fail to pay on time, Intrum can collect the debt, whilst protecting the customer relationship. Intrum is the undisputed market leading credit management company, with an unrivalled track record in managing and monitoring the payment processes of each individual customer. Our solutions give us complete visibility of what your organisation is owed and the payment status, while our scoring techniques ensure we look after companies and individuals efficiently and effectively. These solutions include Commercial Debt Collection, Pre-Legal and Legal Debt Collection and customer Re-connection visits.


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Pre Legal B2B / Commercial Debt Collection Services

Our pre legal debt collection services vary and are directly tailored to reflect our clients own treatment strategies in order to achieve maximum performance.

These can include:

  • Debt collection
  • White label debt collection
  • Sales ledger clean up campaigns
  • Letter before Claim Service

Legal B2B / Commercial Debt Collection Services

In some cases, the only way to recover monies owed to you is by issuing legal action. Our highly experienced legal department and partner also offer full defence management services ensuring that all cases are managed to conclusion.

B2B / Re-connection / Field Services

As an alternative option to legal collections our re-connection/field services allows us to engage with the customer face to face to truly understand their situation.

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