Call Fronting

Providing clients access to dialling technology and capacity to become increasingly proactive in the management of customers in arrears.

Intrum UK has previously successfully utilised Contact Agents across various portfolios in order to substantially increase outbound capacity swiftly. The role of a Contact Agent is to log into outbound dialer campaigns where upon contact they will conduct data protection checks and, once a right party contact is established, transfer the call to a Customer Service Representative or the Client.

Simple implementation process:

  • Leverage sophisticated dialing technology
  • Significant increase in outbound activities
  • Engage with more customers
  • Reduce roll rates

Call fronting campaigns can be created swiftly as limited data is required and the file exchange process is relatively simplistic. Clients provide Intrum with a daily refresh of customers in arrears requiring outbound activity. This file will be automatically uploaded into the dialer from where the campaign is created. Contact Agents sit on an outbound only campaign and once an RPC is established they ‘hot transfer’ the customer to the client using a dedicated and ideally prioritised telephone number. At the point of transfer a hand off is used to ensure a seamless process and effective customer journey.

Having conducted such campaigns numerous times, Intrum can confirm that the typical drop rate (customers who disconnect during transfer) is relatively low at c.5%.

Once the telephone number for transfer is confirmed, Intrum can then present this CLI on outbound campaigns so that should customers call back as a result of a missing call or voicemail they will be directed to the client. For reporting purposes, if a client provides two telephone numbers then it is possible to monitor direct transfers and call back separately.

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