Beyond legislation – more than compliance

Compliance and ethical customer treatment are the cornerstones of Intrum’s collections approach. We invest significantly in technology, processes and people to ensure the best outcomes for customers and clients.

At Intrum, we believe that good customer treatment goes beyond compliance and legislation. We work hard to ensure our clients’ customers have the best possible experience. Here are some of the reasons you should work with us.

Highest Net Promoter Score in the industry

Our culture of continuous improvement includes regular independent assessment. We hold Investor in Customers Gold accreditation and have been awarded an NPS score of +59 in 2021, the highest achieved in the industry.

Multi-channel customer experience surveys

These are linked to agents’ individual performance and allow us to continuously assess and report on the level of service provided to customers. They also drive future initiatives and improvements.

Monthly customer survey reports

We share these reports monthly with our clients, including the volume of surveys issued, completion rates, scores achieved and any anecdotal feedback provided.

Investment in Speech Analytics

This provides vital assurances that calls are being handled in a compliant manner and acts as a safeguard against poor customer conduct. All calls are assessed against a number of internally created queries, focusing on regulatory, legislative and client requirements. Since inception, this process has been a key driver of change through focused coaching and feedback, resulting in consistently high customer feedback scores.

Digital solutions

In a world where there is an ever-increasing demand for 24-7 digital solutions, our customer portal allows customers to self-serve whilst benefiting from all the controls which have been developed within the call centre. Customers are able to pay their arrears, complete a full income and expenditure assessment and make suitable offers of repayment.

Real-time information and updates

The customer self-serve portal provides a seamless customer experience as completed plans, repayments or affordability assessments are automatically cross populated every 30 minutes. The portal is fully integrated into Intrum’s collections platform and can be white labelled for early arrears clients.

Legislation and updates

At Intrum, we’re passionate about promoting the principles of TCF at all levels. To ensure that compliance is embedded, understood and promoted across the business, we facilitate monthly compliance sessions for all colleagues. Regulatory updates and key topics are discussed to promote the implementation of best practice. This monthly session is accompanied by Intrum’s compliance newsletter to ensure the entire business is aware of key regulatory findings and areas of interest.


These tools and processes enable us to deliver consistently high levels of customer service.