Debt sale – release capital and enhance customer care

Non-performing invoice and loan portfolios tie up capital and can make it more difficult to invest in the core business. Selling portfolios of debt enables you to focus on growth and offers your customers the chance of financial rehabilitation.

Recovering a defaulted portfolio requires time and effort that your business could be investing elsewhere. The uncertainty surrounding the risk of loss also makes it difficult to budget and predict returns.

Intrum has over 100 years' experience with debt collection services and specialises in treating customers sympathetically and fairly. We invest in all asset classes and our pan-European coverage gives us the scale and international expertise needed to structure the deal you need to solve your non-performing loan concerns and service existing customers.

Together, we create a collection strategy that ensures good customer follow-up, quick repayment and a positive customer experience. This can be done in conjunction with servicing agreements, international collections and other credit management services.

How does a purchase work?

The first step is a valuation and scoring of the portfolio, then we agree on a price and a customer communication and collection strategy.

Intrum has been buying receivables portfolios since 1992 and can buy receivables both before and after maturity. Most of our customers choose to sell the receivables after they have defaulted or wait until they are written off, either through forward flow agreements or as a one-time sale.

Our accuracy rate in predicting collections is extremely high and we have strong analytical capabilities. Our dynamic account strategy shows a clear link between activity and collections, using intelligent account prioritisation.

The next step is to agree on the strategy for the contacting and working with customers. A well-thought-out policy is important and Intrum can contribute with insight and expertise on best practice.

For more information on how we can help with your debt sale and other collections requirements, please contact us.