Selling your portfolio – choosing the right partner

When selling portfolios of uncollected debt, it’s important to choose a partner who will ensure your reputation is protected and work with your customers to resolve their financial issues.

Selling portfolios of uncollected debts is a sensible step to include in your credit management cycle. There may still be value in these accounts but releasing that value requires specialist skills and focus that can be a drain on your core business. Instead, you can realise value by selling these accounts, providing you with certainty and an immediate cash injection to your balance sheet.

Extensive experience in a wide range of portfolios

Intrum is expert in debt purchase transactions of all sizes and holds a place on all major financial services panels across Europe. We purchase sizeable unsecured banking and financial services debts, as well as real estate-backed loans, utility and telecoms debt and mail order accounts, but we can also help small businesses and those with smaller volumes of non-performing loans.

As well as one-off purchases, we engage in forward flow arrangements, buying accounts from our clients at particular stages in the credit cycle. Our team will work with you to set up a transaction that suits your needs.

Pan-European footprint

Intrum’s presence in 24 European countries and our large partner network means we have the scale, capacity and flexibility to purchase accounts wherever they are based. Our multi-lingual teams can handle portfolios that cover multiple jurisdictions.

Premium customer experience

Selling debt can be a concern when it comes to customer experience. At Intrum, we pride ourselves on our ethical collections approach. We know how to connect with people in debt and work sensitively with them to establish their financial circumstances and set up sustainable payment plans.

Protecting your reputation

Customers who are in financial difficulty now may still be valuable customers in future. By offering a positive experience in troubled times, we not only secure your reputation but enhance it. Our specialist collections teams are trained to deal with all circumstances, with bespoke processes for customers who are vulnerable.

Track record of success

Our clients’ trust is built on our track record. Treating customers sympathetically and fairly is an integral aspect of our business, resulting in low payment break rates and high customer satisfaction scores. We undertake 97% of our collections in-house, using leading trace and litigation capabilities as well as state-of-the-art technology.

Accurate and effective

Our accuracy rate in predicting collections has been in excess of 99% over the last four years and we have strong analytical capabilities. Our dynamic account strategy shows a clear link between activity and collections, using intelligent account prioritisation.

For more information on how Intrum can help you free up your balance sheet and streamline your collections processes, please contact us.