Providing the best customer journey

At Intrum we understand the challenges people in debt are facing and we know how to help them. Every day we speak to around 250,000 customers, working to understand their financial situation and arrange payment so they can be free from the worry of debt.

Intrum’s ethical debt collection values, combined with investment in data, tools and technology means we can offer customers modern solutions tailored to their needs, rather than taking a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

We go to great lengths to understand the needs of individual customers. Our aim is to help people understand their financial situation, get back in control, make their payments and move on with their lives.

An incredibly understanding team who make debts feel less daunting.
UK Banking Customer, November 2021

Using a variety of tools, from customer focus groups to real-time customer surveys and independent assessment, we ensure customers have a positive experience at what may be a difficult time.

Customer segmentation – delivering an individual service

Our segmentation modelling differentiates between customers so we know which types of communication and services they prefer. We use our experience and wealth of data to tailor our services and approach in our dialogue with customers in debt. Their situations differ significantly. For example:

A person who receives a single debt collection notice, wishes to pay quickly and doesn’t want to interact with an adviser, requires fast and intuitive digital payment options so they can pay their bill and move on with their day. In this case, the customer can easily log into our online portal to review their account and make a payment.

On the other hand, a person with big financial problems who is desperate to improve their situation needs to feel understood and to be able to work through their options with a dedicated and experienced member of the team. We have specially trained advisers who work with customers to find the best path to a debt free future.

Understandably, customers experience a range of emotions and sometimes frustrations around debt. At Intrum, we need to meet practical and emotional needs. Each customer receives communication and services tailored to their behaviour, goals, skills, attitude and environment.

We use our experience to ensure customers feel listened to and understood as well as taking steps to help them deal with their debts – such as taking payment, creating a payment plan, postponing payment or providing further information.

Very understanding. Listened to what I was saying and did not rush me. This company understands that life and situations are different and difficult.
UK Banking Customer, November 2021

The advisers who work in our call centres are highly trained and extremely skilled. Their understanding and empathetic approach engages the customer and motivates them to work with us. This is good for our clients, their customers and the wider economy.

Our mission is to see both points of view and to help find an affordable and sustainable solution for all. We can only do this by treating everyone with dignity, respect and empathy. For us, the goal is a healthy economy, where our clients get paid and people who have a debt can pay off it and move on in life. This is a win-win situation for both parties.
Head of Operations, Intrum Sweden