What is Good Debt Collection Practice?

Good debt collection practice requires providers to adhere to the legal standards set by the markets in which they operate. At Intrum, we believe an ethical approach is the only right way to operate.

At Intrum, we always make sure that we comply with good debt collection practice. Our clients and their customers are treated ethically and fairly. As well as following legislation and market requirements, at Intrum we are guided by our core values: Empathy, Ethics, Dedication and Solutions. These are crucial to our identity and guide all our work processes.

Why is good debt collection practice important?

Good debt collection practice helps to ensure that both our clients and their customers are treated properly while the debt collection case is ongoing. For example, an individual in debt must not be subjected to unreasonable pressure. 

At Intrum, we are very aware of good debt collection practice, ensuring that our clients and their customers are treated in an ethical and respectful way. We will only collect debts at the correct time and in the correct way. We will never mislead, harass, or threaten an individual. We will not provide information about the debt to their employer or friends. It’s right that companies that fail to meet good standards are held to account.

Protection for you and your customers

Good debt collection practice does not only protect your customers, it protects your business. At Intrum, we handle your accounts in the way you prefer – we won’t offer settlements or discount debts without your approval.

We see it as our duty to guide you, investigate and advise you about the likelihood of recovering a debt and the costs it will entail. Where the customer does not have the means to repay, we’ll ensure you have the information and that your business isn’t wasting time and money seeking unrecoverable funds.

We want to make a difference

Debt collection is an important part of ensuring a healthy and sustainable economy. At Intrum, we want to make a difference for businesses, people and society by helping to minimise bankruptcies, secure jobs, and prevent further debt.

Our market-leading position gives us a unique opportunity to drive the development of the entire industry in an ethical direction.

We always strive to be a trusted partner, where the respect is mutual between us and our clients. We know that the relationship you have with your customers is important. We ensure they have fair treatment and a positive experience through an empathetic and respectful dialogue, so that the recovery process is not only efficient, but also beneficial for your future relationship.