White Label collections: your name, our expertise

What’s in a name? Sometimes, everything. Luckily, you can access Intrum’s expertise in credit management under your own brand by using our White Label collection services.

At Intrum, we understand how important brand is to businesses. That’s why we’ve created a White Label collection service so our clients can access market-leading credit management services in a different way.

A service tailored to your needs

We’ve configured our systems and technology to deliver these services so you receive the full benefit of our expertise and investment in the data and tools needed for ethical and effective collections, under your brand.

We know many businesses are struggling with capacity constraints, and the phasing of monthly arrears cycles and seasonality can lead to sub-optimal performance, poor customer experience or increased fixed costs.

Our clients need the flexibility to proactively and rapidly adjust arrears strategies to optimise performance and protect both the customer and brand.

However, internal operations can suffer from high operating costs as a result of legacy systems, processes and locations. Without significant change, only incremental improvements are possible.

Market-leading customer service

Intrum’s ability to deliver superior customer service and to capture feedback effectively and act upon it results in a culture of continuous improvement. Customers are offered tailored responses, including multi-channel solutions and digitalisation.

Our White Label solutions resolve the operational challenges our clients face, freeing them to focus on their core business while knowing their customers and their brand are in safe hands.