Debt Purchase

We focus on financial services debt, holding a place on all major financial services panels and buying from all major selling banks.

Debt purchase

We focus on financial services debt, holding a place on all major financial services panels and buying from all major selling banks. We have also increased our forward flow business.

Intrum has won a string of awards for its customer approach, including a Customer Experience Award, plus Best Conduct and Compliance Culture and Best Customer Service awards at the 2017 independent Credit Strategy Collections & Customer Service Awards – the seventh time it has won the industry’s compliance award. Intrum is a registered firm of the Lending Standards Board and is the first business of its kind to achieve an ISO standard for dealing with vulnerability.

It is the only debt purchase company to have achieved the maximum rating in the independent Investor in Customers (IIC) assessment for four consecutive years as well as being awarded the Investors in People Gold accreditation in 2017. 

Our clients’ trust is built on this track record. Treating customers sympathetically and fairly is an integral aspect of our business, resulting in low payment break rates and an 85% customer satisfaction score. We undertake 97% of our collections in-house, using leading trace and litigation capabilities as well as our state-of-the-art technology system CreditSolve®.

Our accuracy rate in predicting collections has been in excess of 99% over the last four years and we have strong analytical capabilities. Our dynamic account strategy shows a clear link between activity and collections, using intelligent account prioritisation.

Worldwide debt collection

With 24 offices and a global partner network, Intrum provides a debt collection service across 180 countries. This gives us access to local market knowledge, with a local presence that can ensure you are paid on time. We know how to deal with your customers, regardless of language or time zone, and we take local business practices and cultures into account. We use up-to-date local market data to offer services like payment monitoring, reminder services and collection services.

  • Extensive international network covering 180 markets
  • Strong and respected brand name speeds up payments
  • Local presence and up-to-date data specific to each market

A smooth payment process drives sales

Ensuring you get paid in a timely manner can prove difficult once you leave your own country. By using Intrum’s global reach in debt collection you can save time, money and effort, entering new markets with less risk to your business.

Debt surveillance

Delayed or withheld payments put pressure on your business and create unnecessary costs. By handing the process of monitoring and collecting the debt over to Intrum, you can ease this burden and put your mind at rest.

Instead of writing-off a debt as non-collectable, Intrum can take over the whole process of monitoring the debt for you. We stay in touch with the customer and we collect the final payment on your behalf. Intrum has unparalleled experience and expertise in debt management. Our monitoring system allows us to take the right action at any time to ensure a final payment is made, without damaging your customer relationships.

  • Intrum’s expertise and experience in credit collection ensures faster payment
  • We save you time and money on administration
  • Our strong and respected reputation means Intrum can help speed up payments to you

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