White Label Collections

Managing customers in arrears is a complex area that requires significant investment to ensure appropriate customer outcomes.

Our solutions

Service providers operate in an increasingly complex regulatory landscape, often with systems and strategies that struggle to keep pace with changing customer and regulatory demands.

Intrum’s White Label Collections provide clients with the opportunity to focus on their core business whilst leveraging the experience of an established and effective recoveries operation.

These services include:

  • White label Collections (Client branded) - early arrears
  • BPO solutions
  • Carve outs and Joint Ventures
  • Intrum branded collections


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Our White Label Collections solution is designed to target specific client challenges including:

  • Capacity constraints
  • Strategic inertia
  • High operating costs
  • Regulatory compliance issues
  • Customer satisfaction levels
  • System capability and limitations
  • Sub-optimal financial performance

Current challenges

Planning for changes in regulation and customer behaviour is vital in maintaining effective arrears management and ensuring service providers remain at the forefront of their industry.

  • Capacity constraints

    Phasing of monthly arrears cycles and seasonality can lead to sub-optimal performance, poor customer experience or increased fixed costs.
  • Strategic inertia

    In an ever changing world, having the ability to proactively and rapidly adjust arrears strategies provides the flexibility to continually optimise performance and protect both the customer and brand.

  • High operating costs

    Internal operations often suffer from high operating costs as a result of legacy systems, processes and locations. Without significant change, only incremental improvements are often achieved.

  • Regulatory compliance issues

    Horizon scanning and preparing for operational change is a key deliverable within arrears management.

  • Customer satisfaction levels

    The ability not only to deliver superior customer service but to capture feedback effectively and act upon it permits a culture of continuous improvement. Customer expectations are increasing including requirements for multi-channel solutions and digitalisation.

  • System capability limitations

    The lack of a flexible operating system often delays implementation of new initiatives resulting in increased cost to serve or compliance challenges.
  • Sub-optimal financial performance

    Improved net returns require the management of a number of key performance drivers, many of which may not deliver alone however each could be viewed as a single point of failure.

Our White Label Solution not only provides clients with operational resolution to their challenges, but delivers even greater benefits elsewhere, as they are free to enhance their core business.


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