European Consumer Payment Report 2022

The UK edition of the European Consumer Payment Report provides insights into the everyday lives of consumers, their spending habits and their ability to manage their finances. From savings to sustainability, download a copy for a comprehensive view of consumer finance trends.

Surging costs causing UK consumers to cut back on sustainable choices

Intrum’s 2022 European Consumer Payment Report paints a gloomy picture of consumers’ financial wellbeing and economic outlook. With rapidly increasing costs of living, consumers are cutting back on sustainable goods and services to manage their household finances.


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Cost of living crunch

Consumers are looking for discounts, with less scope to pay a premium for sustainable products.

Consumer spending

Changing spending behaviour is impacting the amount consumers are giving to charity.

Dining in

Consumers are cutting back on hospitality and meals out to compensate for rising prices.

“The UK faces soaring inflation fuelled by geopolitical uncertainty. This is affecting many who were cushioned during the pandemic, such as middle-aged consumers.”

Eddie Nott, Intrum UK - Managing Director